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Torreblanca Language Consulting
"Our mission is to assist people who wish to
enhance their communication skills by being
able to converse fluently in a language
other than their own."

We offer Spanish and English lessons for
beginners, intermediate or advanced
students. Whether you are a Corporation
or a private individual, we can customize a
course to help you reach your goals.

Ofrecemos clases de inglés para personas
de habla hispana, desde nivel de
principiantes hasta avanzados.
We offer a wide range of language-related services. Our focus
languages are Spanish and English and our services include: Language
Instruction, Commercial Voice-overs, and Situational Language

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familiarize yourself with each of the available services.
TLC offers production, editing, recording
and post-recording services for commercial

If your business is in need of a radio
commercial, narrated video or voice mail
greeting to cater to your Spanish-speaking
customers, give TLC a call.

Quick turn-arounds. Final product available
in a variety of files formats: .mp3, .aiff,
.wav or OggVorbis.
"You are a few days from presenting a
large proposal to your client's Board of
"You are representing your company in an
international conference call."

Although you speak English or Spanish very
well, you may not have the necessary
confidence or your pronunciation may need
some work.

Some of the objectives of these sessions
are: breaking the ice to build rapport,
conveying your ideas accurately and using
proper language, building an argument, and
exchanging opinions effectively.

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